Paid Ads vs. Organic Growth: The Pros and Cons

When we first launch our website or begin to advertise our services online, we immediately run into a big problem. How should I advertise my services? Should I choose to go the route of using paid advertising or should I depend on organic growth to get my business out there? If you’ve found yourself stuck at this stage in your marketing plan, use the article below to help you decide which marketing strategy will best help you to advertise your business.

What is Paid Advertising

Paid advertising, more commonly known as pay-per-click advertising, is a strategy in which businesses will pay websites or search engines to show viewers their advertisements based on keywords that are related to that advertisement.

Pros of Paid Advertising:

1. Paid Advertising Sees Immediate Results
Paid advertising works for all types of businesses at any stage and will bring immediate traffic to the business’s website. For those who may need to see a boost in traffic or who are just starting out, investing in a paid advertising campaign is a great way to get your business out there and to get the results that you want.

2. Paid Advertising Gives You the Ability to Receive Instant Feedback
Some businesses have products that don’t appeal to their target audience and may never will. By choosing paid advertising, you will be able to see whether or not your business and your product will survive in the real world. If you aren’t receiving the right amount of interaction from your target audience, it will be a sign that you may need to change your business or tweak your product.

Cons of Paid Advertising

1. It’s Not the Right Type of Advertising for Those Who Don’t Understand the Mechanics
Paid advertising should not be used by those who don’t understand how it works. If you haven’t taken the time out to learn about paid advertising or if you haven’t received any type of training, a paid advertising campaign is not wise to pursue. You could always hire someone to maintain your paid advertising campaign but that will cost more than the campaign alone.

2. If You Don’t Have the Money, It Won’t Last Forever
Paid advertising will only continue to work if you continue to pay for it. Once you have run out of money to pay for the campaign, the advertisements will cease to show up on websites and search engines. If you want to advertise for a short period of time, this won’t be a problem. Those who may want a long term campaign, however, should consider the cost of running a paid advertisement campaign.

What is Organic Growth?

Organic growth is the strategy of using search engine optimization to market your business. Those who are looking for a free marketing strategy can make their websites and content search engine optimization-friendly by filling the website’s content with relative keywords and by making sure that the content is shared by relevant sources. The more quality content that is posted and the more popular the content is, the better chance a website has of being one of the first websites listed on a search engine.

Pros of Organic Growth:

1. Organic Growth Maintains Itself
A good organic growth campaign will continue to bring in traffic to your website even if you haven’t been constantly updating it. Content that is rich in relevant keywords and is shared by websites that are also authorities on the content that you are creating will help you to land a better spot on a search engine, which will help to bring in traffic whenever people search for something that is related to the content on your website.

Cons of Organic Growth:

1. Organic Growth Takes Time
Creating a search engine optimization-friendly website takes time. Even though organic growth requires no monetary investment, you will need to invest time and energy in order to get your website and business to where you want it to be. Also, you can never be quite sure when you will see results for your website. For some people, it could take months to get the traffic they want. For others, it could take years.

So… Which Marketing Campaign Is the Best?

Both have their pros and cons but when it comes down to which advertising strategy you should be using, the answer is both. A paid advertising campaign will help garner interest and bring people to your website while you begin to create content that is search engine optimization-friendly. Once you have created content that successfully brings continuous traffic to your website and ranks you high on your search engine of choice, you will no longer have to rely on a paid advertisement campaign in order to gain traffic.